"The best development idea created in the company - very positive"

"This is from everybody - we are all motivated to now stick to our goals"

"Thanks a lot for yesterday - one of those things that I seriously needed, but was putting off as much as possible"

"Just wanted to say a big congratulations on the difference you are making"

"I just want to know whether Healthwise will offer a rebate on new uniforms when I have to purchase a smaller size!!!"

"Thanks again for today. I was very inspired and grateful for the informative and comprehensive program"

"Didn't try to change the things I like to do, as most personal trainers do, Healthwise trainers are fantastic and I will definitely make a positive change. Thank you Flight Centre for providing this for us"

"Your sessions greatly added to the success of the conference and the staff feedback was nothing but fantastic!"

"Good to see something along the lines of health, exercise being done within the company. Those stretches we learnt in Bali are great too!"

These responses have been taken from Health & Wellness Consultation feedback forms.