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Steve Nash Fitness Clubs are available throughout British Columbia.

Steve Nash is offering us a great discount! 


If you are interested in the program it will run for 1 year starting April 15th 2017 – April 14, 2018. For anyone that joins after April their dues will be prorated to end next April 2018 & then we will start another year contract at that point.

There are 2 forms that need to be scanned to in order to activate your membership:"




Here are the options:  

 *** NO joining fee***

Annual Prepaid Rate:

o Silver - $349 Plus Tax per employee (12 Month Term)

o Gold - $449 Plus Tax per employee (12 Month Term)

o Platinum - $599 Plus Tax per employee (12 Month Term) 

Please scan the completed Forms to Anna Fisher at

For additional questions regarding your membership please contact:

Marc Hannah Corporate Manager

Steve Nash Fitness Clubs 

Tel: (604) 805 7145