Healthwise TV

We are so excited to introduce Healthwise TV!  This is a fantastic resource that will assist us in communicating all of the most up to date exercises, tools and advice to help you achieve all of your health and well being goals.  Our goal at Healthwise is to help educate all of our clients in topics relating to health and well being so that they can make informed choices with their health.  Make sure you let us know of any topics you would like to know more about.  

Some office stretches to keep you supple!

Learn the best techniques/tips to reduce your risk from developing postural aches and pains.

Here are a couple of other ergo videos to help you set up your desk & be comfortable all day long:

HG versions Ergonomics Stretch in office

Learn how to change up your abdominal workouts to make life a little more interesting and a little more challenging!


Follow our Beginners training Program narrated by Tory and performed by Anna from Healthwise SA showing you simple exercises and correct technique to make your at home workouts safe and effective.

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