Float House Vancouver

What is floating? A simple way to achieve profound relaxation, meditation & wellness in a float tank (also called an isolation tank or sensory deprivation tank). It's extremely relaxing, introspective and cathartic - backed by an abundance of research (and powerful testimonials) - and is a truly unique environment to experience.

New to floating? Visit Floathouse.ca Float House is Vancouver's first and largest commercial float centres!

We have locations in Gastown & Kitsilano with 14 tanks available 7 days a week.

Benefits of Floating

  • Stress Management
  • Pain Management
  • Enhanced Mental Health (reduced anxiety)
  • Chronic Stressor Relief
  • Deautomatization
  • Increased Immune Function
  • Resetting of Circadian Rhythm (Jet Lag)
  • Poor Sleep/Insomnia
  • Psychoneuroimmunology
  • Deep Facilitated Meditation
  • Endorphins


Use promo code "FlightCentre" for an ongoing preferred rate of $40 / float (regular $75).

Promotion available for unlimited amount of floats. Available at Gastown & Kitsilano locations only.