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** Please note that F45 locations are franchised & have different rates based on the location. If you don't see your location below please email anna.fisher@healthwiseglobal.ca and we will contact them to see if they will offer a corporate rate.**

Just need to bring your pay stub or business card to show proof of employment when you are signing up.

The F45 program is innovative, motivating and gets results. Our workouts are always different and always challenging our members in a different way. Whether clients are looking for health, strength or a new found confidence, we've got something for everyone. To really show you why F45 is taking the world by storm and why our members are becoming such healthy, motivated, productive people Check this out! 

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Below are the locations we currently have discounts set up with. F45 are franchised so each location has different rates & different membership restrictions. If you don't see your location below get in touch with Anna or Candice and we can call to see if we can organize something for you!

F45 Yorkville 

F45 Don Mills 


F45 Burlington 


F45 Joshua Creek - Oakville


F45 Liberty Village 

F45 Downtown Toronto 

F45 St. Lawrence Market 

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