Exhale Yoga Pilates Dance Studio

Flight Centre is excited to announce that we are collaborating with Exhale Studio, located in the heart of the Yaletown area of Vancouver. Exhale Studio offers a variety of yoga, pilates and dance classes for adults of all fitness levels. 


Yoga increases muscle tone, energy, endurance, and flexibility. Yoga helps to relieve stress and calm your mind, facilitating a deep feeling of peace.


Pilates strengthens the core by developing pelvic stability and abdominal control, and increases muscular strength and endurance while toning the entire body. 


Dance provides a great workout and increases energy, stimulating you mentally and physically while you’re having fun!


All yoga, pilates and dance classes are taught by experienced, knowledgeable and inspiring teachers. Exhale strives to improve health, well-being and fitness, offering a variety of ways to make your life happier and healthier.


Show your Flight Centre employee pay stub and get 25% off any class card or unlimited pass!!