Talisman Centre Calgary



We now have a corporate discount at the Talisman Centre! 

More info:  TC2013_corp_brochure_FlightCentre.pdf


                           Adult Rate           Family Rate


Annual Continuous Pay Plan



Annual Full Pay






The people wishing to get memberships just need to provide proof of employment with a recent paystub.


Contract period: the prices are for an annual membership and there are two options. Employees can pay for the year up front and it will expire on the one year anniversary. The other option is an annual continuous which means that payments would come out monthly and continue going after the one year, until the person decides to cancel.


Cancellation: A minimum of 4 months is required for an annual membership, meaning they can cancel after 4 months.


Spouse: If a member would like to have their spouse join as well, they would just sign-up with the Couple/Family rate indicated above. They need to be living in the same household to qualify for the family/couple rate.


More info: http://www.talismancentre.com/