Equinox YVR/YYZ


Equinox is the world's leading luxury fitness facility.  Offering classes not available at any other facility along with Yoga, Pilates, TRX, Spin, kickboxing, and HIIT classes, Equinox will offer value untouchable by any other gym in the city.


One time registration fee:  $100 + tax

$159 + tax/month is the discounted rate (regular is $190 + tax)

Canada access is $180+ tax/month (regular is $205 + tax)


There are 3 clubs to choose from:


Equinox Bay Street (Toronto):  https://www.equinox.com/clubs/canada/toronto/bayst

Equinox Yorkville (Toronto): https://www.equinox.com/clubs/canada/toronto/yorkville

Equinox West Georgia Street (Vancouver): https://www.equinox.com/clubs/canada/vancouver/westgeorgiast


New Member Benefits:

Equifit Evaluation:

A one-hour assessment, including strength, flexibility, aerobic capacity and body composition testing.

Personal Training Session:

An intense one-on-one session including strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training.

55 Minute Private Pilates Session

2 x One day Guest Passes

  • FAQs:

Current members of Equinox:

To transition your membership and for club specifc inquiries please contact alison.hornstein@equinox.com.

  • During launch: When the account launched, anyone who had joined within 30 days counted towards the new member minimum and were award retro-credits
  • Ongoing: A residential member can transition at anytime into the corporate program by signing a transition form and using an email verification.  If and only if the member has only been enrolled for less than 30 days will Equinox credit back the difference in dues. An example would be someone joined on February 1st and they start working at Flight Shops Inc. on the 15th and then become eligible.


For more membership info please contact anna.fisher@healthwiseglobal.ca  or candice.jamieson@healthwiseglobal.ca

For club specific questions, please contact: Alison Hornstein @  alison.hornstein@equinox.com