9Round Kickbox Fitness Burnaby

BRIEF OVERVIEW OF 9Round Kickbox Fitness

The workout itself consists of:

  • 9 round where a trainer will guide the class through, each round itself is 3 1/2 minutes long performing different workouts that change everyday which always keeps it fresh!

  • Our practices all come from kickboxing/boxing techniques. If you have experience on these sports that's great.  If you do not have any, that's even better as our trainers here will help you build technique from the ground up! 

MEMBERSHIP: ( 10% Discount ) 

  • We have different membership options: 
  • Month-to-Month membership (cancel with 30 days notice); 
  • 6 month Term; 
  • Annual member (12 month term) 

  • ENROLLMENT: ( 50% Discount )  

  • Membership comes with the one time  enrollment fee which includes all your equipment: PULSE Heart Rate Monitor, boxing gloves, hands wraps, and a carrying bag for the equipment