Fitballs have taken the fitness and corporate industry by storm. Their popularity stems from their versatility. The Healthwise fitball promotes active stabilisation. This means it is difficult to slouch whilst sitting on the ball. The abdominal and lower back muscles must work to keep you balanced on the ball. To obtain the perfect posture, you should lightly bounce on the ball while sitting. This replicates an abdominal crunch that would be performed on the floor. See the diagram below, to show you the difference it will have on your lower back and posture!

  • Benefits:
  • - Can be used in the office or the home for short periods of time
  • - Simple posture correction
  • - Weight Training (Healthwise fitballs are burst resistant)
  • - Check out these fitball exercises

Correct Ball Sizing

Ball Size/Diameter





Extra Large/85cm

User's Height for
Sitting & Exercise

less than 150cm
less than 5'

150 - 165cm
5' - 5' 6"

165 - 180cm
5' 6" - 6'

180 - 200cm
6' - 6' 8"

over 200cm
over 6' 8"

User's Height for
mainly Exercise

less than 160cm
less than 5' 4"

160 - 175cm
5' 4" - 5' 10"

175 - 195cm
5' 10" - 6' 6"

over 195cm
over 6' 6"



NOTE: These sizes are not definitive but only a guide. Larger/bulkier individuals may need a larger size ball than shown purely for comfort and not biomechanics. Using the ball for weight lifting also is best with a larger ball than normal. There is only 10-20% loss of efficiency if using a larger ball size for exercise. You will rarely use a Swiss ball at its maximum inflated diameter. Best results are at 90-95% inflation.