Health & Wellness Consultations

Jenn is a Holistic Health and Career Coach.  Her mission is to discover how each one of us can live optimally and on purpose.  

After years, of working in different fields and sectors, trying different ways of eating such as vegetarian and vegan diets, a variety of fitness disciplines from martial arts to bootcamps, as well as an array of mind-body modalities, Jenn felt unsettled, like her big life experiment remained inconclusive.

A series of misaligned choices led her to clock-watching at work and eventually health impacts such as stubborn worrying (anxiety), nutrient depletion and burnout.  Overall, she didn't love her life. 

The turning point came, when she listened to her body (aka the little voice or nagging feeling) and got the message. That day she realized, on a cellular level, that she could empower herself to design a life that was, and is exactly right for her. By putting the structure, support and accountability in place, and with the help of a coach, anything became possible.  

Today, Jenn guides workshops and hosts talks on moving through life's most difficult transitions with a sense of clarity and empowerment. She helps 1-1 clients to set and create vision and show up for themselves in making incremental habit change even when it doesn't seem doable and without sacrificing all they know and love.  Jenn specializes in curing job stress or burnout and in Phoenix-from-the-flames-style personal reinvention.  

Jenn is a certified Health Coach with the Health Coach Institute (CHC, ICF accredited). She is also a Yoga Instructor (RYT) with Yoga Therapy Toronto, a Nutrition and Wellness Specialist (NWS) and Personal Training Specialist (PTS) through CANFITPRO. 

From former lives, Jenn has a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies (MES) from York University and is also a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP). 

To stay fit, Jenn runs, lifts weights and practices yoga.

You can contact Jenn about burnout, anxiety, feeling lost or stuck, setting and conquering big fitness or wellness goals or any other small habit changes you may be considering as a results of a diagnosis or Doctor-recommended lifestyle changes.